Synfig and Right-To-Left RTL characters Writing

Salamu alaikum,
Peace be upon you, and thank you all for this great opportunity, that is Synfig for Developing Countries and HomeSchoolers!

I’m creating 2d animations to teach my children languages, like in this one :

When it comes to teach Arabic, I’m obliged to write my texts in Inkscpape or GIMP, since i could not deal with this issue, by using the Text Layer of Synfig.

Does Synfig support writing from Right to Left? or am I obliged to work my texts in some external tools before using them as Images or SVGs from within Synfig ?

Thank you for all your efforts.

RTL and non-english characters were always a problem in Synfig.
You can do a search in the forums and the bug tracker to have confirmation.
Using an external tool is the best workaround :slight_smile: