Synfig and OS X Mountain Lion

I’ve recently upgraded from Lion to Mountain Lion.
Gimp, Inkscape or Synfig refused to lanuch. No message, nothing, just vanishes.

It seems that X11 is not supported by Mountain Lion and we need to install XQuarz in order to run X11 applications.

I’ll report here the progresses on how does it work.

If you are using XCode for developing you need also to go to XCode->Preferences->Downloads and install Command Line tools.
That would bring back make and so all the macports.

After install XQuarz I can confirm that Synfig Studio 0.63.05 runs fine on Mountain Lion.
I think that even it run faster!

Btw, Inkscape is back again but Gimp doesn’t work.
To bring Gimp back you need to download the right version from here: