Synfig and Gaming Graphics

It’s no secret for anyone that some of the epic-est games were made in platform based games, while some recent games like the re-make with super HD sprites of Street Fighters II are made with larger sprites, the reals secret for successful graphics lies on it’s animation rater than on it’s details (or size).
Since summer vacations i wanted to explore this side of Synfig, it’s capacity for generate graphics for 2D based platform games for example, i noticed the ‘Supersample’ layer able to convert all the layers below it to a specified Antialias on the ‘Super Sample’'s parameters, while some people likes very high resolution and super smooth edges, i have a strong weakness for pixeled graphics, which are perfect for this kind of games, with all this on my mind i started a small project with the only objective of make a character with two resolutions, High resolution possibly for being used in gaming engines like MUGEN, and a medium resolution version for be used in regular plataform games, here is the result:

High Resolution:

Standard Resolution

As you would imagine, i’m actually very satisfied with the results, unlike resize the original animation on any graphic editor, exporting from Synfig in a different size not only keeps important details of the animation, but actually does not misplace pixels or generate garbage, it’s just incredible.

I’m going to keep exploring all this, metaballs where also very useful for the core of this creature. (BTW, if this post does not really belong to finished works, move it plz and my apologizes by the way =p )

That’s quite cute!
Also there is a “Antialiasing” checkbox in each Outline and Region layers. That just aliases the pixels to obtain that pixelated effect.

Hmm, that makes me think on a possibility of turn on/off that option for the entire document to speed up the render… if it speeds up it a bit :slight_smile:


It’s very cool! Really nice looking character.

Are you going to do a game or are you only exploring the possibilities of creating that kind of graphics in Synfig?


Indeed i exported the antialias value and linked to all the Blines and Regions, but i had to use the Super Sample layer because rotation of some of the parts generated an odd effect with and without antialias, sampling all the layers with Super Sample layer solved this effect.


i’m thinking on make a short one, there is this ‘Game Editor’ which is not only easy and very flexible, but also Open Source ( ) it was my personal summer project but things didn’t went too well and i had to keep it in queue.


i made one more!