Synfig and Blender

Although I’ve been using the Blender video sequence editor for some time now, I haven’t really done much with the rest of Blender in the past. This summer, with Blender 2.5 beginning to take shape, I’ve finally started learning how to model, animate, and so on. But that doesn’t mean ignoring Synfig. In this bit of practice, which was - among other things - an exercise in projecting a moving image onto an animated object, I used Synfig and Inkscape to make the fake movie reel leader.

Probably not all that interesting, but there you go. :smiley:


Hi Matt,
Ok, animated textures on a rotating 3d object might sound boring but your movie reel is pretty cool.

Hi Matt,

Blender is very cool, and I use it in 2D animation too. As a reference scene for exemple, or if I need a different camera angle I use it again. I am working on an 2D animation right now that the characters run and the camera rotates following then, so… I modeled a simple character to do this animation and after that, I just use the rotoscopy technique to draw over the render files.

The Blender image sequence editor is a very powerful video editor; but almost no one uses it. We have no effects, but, we can cut, rotate, manipulate, color correct and a smart solution that I never saw in other professional video editors. Blender image sequence editor has a “proxy” solution. How it works? Well, simply Blender does a low res copy of your videos ( if you want of course ), so you increase dramatically your edition speed; and at the end, in the render, you will render it in full quality.

Tip: Always remember to control the animation curves inside Ipo curves, so you’ll have an easy in, easy out, etc.

Nice job! Bye

Blender is top notch and it has some nice books and documentation. Just don’t have time enough to delve into it :frowning:


I am very curious to know how you use the proxy in blender 2.5.
i saw the settings in the strip property, but how do you tell blender to build/render the proxy ?

thanks in advance