Synfig also for technical animations?


I want to produce learning Videos, and want to mix real Video Clips with Animation of technical things. for example i want to animate a hydroelectric power plant (water flows from water Reservoir (dam pool) to the turbine. the turbine rotates and also the Generator).
In the real Video you see than a real power plant. I dont wont to use Animation Software like GoAnimate or Toon Boon, thats more for Comics. I like a more vector based Software like corel draw or draw plus but additonal with Animation capability

Can I use Synfig for such animations?
I saw an Animation of a Music box in the demo area of synfig. … okForm-480

How complicate is this to draw and animate? I learned how to draw technical draws.

Many thanks in advance
Sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:

You perfectly can use Synfig for thechnical animations.
It has a little high learning curve but it’s powerful value nodes and their exporting, conversion linking and connection, would reward enormously the investment of learning.

@genete> [outoftopic] do you still have parabolic-shot.sifz project somewhere ? in tuto the link still point to darthfuby and is no longer available.

I’m afraid that not. :frowning:

attached is another version of it.
Parabolic Shot.sifz (9.16 KB)
Parabolic Shot.gif

hophop … wikiification . thank’s.