Synfig:10 years Aniversary Animation!

I really love the Magic Flower Sack/Bakery idea. The allusions to the stages of making an animation and Synfig’s features as well as the morals of “do things carefully, planned” and “small beginnings can lead to big things” are what I can get behind.
I would love to contribute to this awesome thing if I can. :smiley:

wonderful! I want to participate too!I’m already jotting down some ideas

Great! Go here, use your Gmail account or create a Trello one.

There start to:
1.Click in a card and write an idea or support one.
2.Share links, messages and say what role you prefer to do.
3.Follow the last messages and contributions.
4.Write your mail to the admin (@ricardograca1) for dropbox access.

If you just want to see and follow the project.

See you there! :slight_smile: