Synfig 1.2.0, Bones and Width Tool

Hi good day, I make some Bones, but when I try to use the Width Tool on they, this dont have any effect, I see you can manually change the width values in the Parameters Window, But I remeber that you can use the Width Tool on some old versions to make that.
Im using the Synfig 1.2.0 (64bits) on Windows 10.

well, to be honest i didn’t know you can actually do that in old versions
as i’m not using them quite often
but this should do as well :bulb:

uh… unless i’ve misunderstood your question of course… :unamused:

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The bone width tool is used for automatically link vertex that are within the borders of the bone width after you select link to skeleton. Manually selected vertex are linked to a certain bone of the skeleton by selecting link to bone. Both operations work in 1.2.0.

Ok, Thanks for the comments ^-^