Synfig 1.0.1 on Mac OSX


I am installing Synfig 1.0.1 on Mac OSX (my version is 10.9.5), using the downloadable dmg packages.
Once installed, Synfig fails to start properly. It appears in the dock, but no user interface is created, and the OS reports that the program does not respond. I then need to force it to quit. I tried with 1.0 and also with the latest development package, and got the same problem.
However, I installed some times ago version 0.64.3 and this one works (and still works)…

Hence my question:
Are there known issues with latest Mac OSX versions ? Or is it my system that is screwed up somewhere ? Or did I miss a dependency ?

Thanks for your help.
Hugues … fig_on_OSX
Y the way, can anyone wikifice this page? It is not listed in the manual.