synfig 0.65.0?

when is released and what is the new things in this update?
in the version 0.64.1,

I think the worst issues is don’t have the single window option, i can’t choose other language, i cant import vector formats and change the canvas image area is very confusing.

and i cant transform the paths or break the preforms like circle rectangule.

i downloaded the devolopment version 0.65, but only saw one problem solved, the single windows tha is very good, but i dont saw other important issues.

Synfig uses same language configured on the operating system.

Try using Inkscape 0.49 and saving as Synfig Animation.

Yes, that menu is quite confusing at the moment.

I added a little explanation in Canvas Properties Dialog wiki page explaining how to resize and expand the canvas, hope it helps.

If you create the Rectangle or Circle as an Outline or Region layer then you can manipulate the resulting path in more flexible manner.

You can check which type of layer the tool creates in the Tool Options panel.

synfig 0.65.0 do not actually have a deadline releasing date…you can have a look to new improvements that will be included in 0.65.0 reading the devellopment reports more or less from the 14th (when 0.64.1 has been released)