Synfig 0.64.0 released!


We are proud to announce the release of a new Synfig version 0.64.0!!

Please read the details on the website blog release: … io-0-64-0/

This release is specially significative to me. I’ve been working more than one year on develop and implement the new Cairo render engine. It has been a continuous series of satisfaction vs frustration because the way to achieve the final result was not very clear form the beginning. I would like to give thanks to two persons for that matter:

First, thanks to Nikita Kitaev for the early contributions to the code and the initial strategy draft. Without his initial impulse I couldn’t have done this.

Second, thanks to Konstantin Dmitriev for his continuos backing during the development. He was my crying shoulder when I most needed hope to continue working.

Finally, I would like to give thanks to all the people who has contributed to this new release. It is the sum of all of us and so it is great. Thanks!!!

So back to work. Those are the pending tasks to do:

  • Continue updating the latest pages to the new terminology (many thanks to d.j.a.y. for his invaluable labor)
  • Update the translated pages with the translation of the new official English pages.
  • Spread the world:
    [list][*]short writeup to the folks at (lately they don’t publish our releases but maybe this time yes) (DONE)
  • (asked to Alexandre Prokoudine)
  • (DONE)
  • (DONE)
  • Synfig devl mailing list (DONE)
  • Synfig user mailing lint (DONE)
  • Sourceforge site page update & news (DONE)
  • IRC topic (DONE)
  • Update Wikipedia (DONE)
  • Update Facebook/synfig & Google+/synfig pages. (DONE)
    ] Ping rest of maintainers to update the builds (PENDING)[/*:m][/list:u]

and then, back to development towards 0.64.1! (or what ever it would be !)

When will the windows version be released? That is super important.
Also Congratulations.

Congratz to all who contributed! :smiley:
Very eager to play with the new templates …
but I will have to be patient, cos I am currently using the windows version. (… go Pixelgeek! Go Pixelgeek!..) :smiley:

Please, Read this thread you will understand that people are ACTIVELY CONCERNED about that … Synfig Studio is a free software community based … all improvements / test / documentation / windows version / etc / are done by voluntaries who help the best they can.

release news spread:
Open Source video list @ (DONE)
Submited (in fr) to (DONE) —>


One of the most important releases in many years. You’ve done a great job with the Cairo porting Genete! And your scripting feature, Zelgadis, is awesome!
A huge thank you to all people that have been involved!

Does anyone have any idea when this will be released for windows? A day, week, month, year?

bachrock> Please, Read this thread you will understand that people are ACTIVELY CONCERNED about that … Synfig Studio is a free software community based … all improvements [blabla…blabla] who help the best they can…
But to respond something, i can say, windows 0.64.0 release will come between hours and weeks… and very quickly, you can setup an usb key with a linux inside and test synfig 0.64.0 ( as ISS has done :wink:


Yes, definitely one of those. :wink:

Another good post by Alexandre Prokoudine to read : Synfig Studio gets faster rendering - 13. May, 2013

Hopefully a week.

Well, I’m chipping away at it, but every time I take a step forward, I discover another couple of dependencies that need to be addressed. It doesn’t help that I’ve been sick this week, and have a busy work schedule next. Unfortunately, I won’t know when the end is in sight until I reach it.

Stay tuned.

PixelGeek>> and even worst… i don’t have sunny rays to share this days… has Cannes film festival has just begun, bucket of rains has come with (like mostly every years!) … all my sincere encouragements !