Synfig 0.63.04 is getting closer!

The new Release of Synfig is getting closer so there are some news:

  1. The list of changes is this:


  • Allow Loop and Unloop actions when value description is a Tangent of a BLine Point.
  • Allow merge and split tangents when using a tangent as value node.
  • Allow split/merge tangents loop/unloop bline and delete vertex every where possible in the BLine Tool.
  • Include any of the sub parameters of the Composite Value Node to the candidates of remove multiple items smart.
  • Allow remove item smart when a child of a composite value node is selected and the composite is child of a dynamic list.
  • New interpolation type “Clamped”
  • Redesign of the preview window updating the slider widget, adding new start/stop button and a new toggle loop button. Close button for Gnome 3 users is also included.
  1. The binaries for linux Release Candidate #1 can be found here: … -binaries/
  2. We need help on translation at Transifex:

Enjoy and please feed back!

It’s amazing how each of these recent point releases has brought a major advance - at least from my perspective. I appreciate all of your hard work!


Thanks to you for testing the RC1 and feed back with the good or bad experiences!

eeek - this is what happens when I don’t read the forums for a while. I had to rebuild my PC after it got toasted by a trojan. The good news is that the Synfig build environment virtual machine backup I had seems to have survived intact, and still works with the re-install :slight_smile:
I’ll try and download the changes and build RC1 tomorrow.

BTW I’ll be away from my build machine from Friday through mid-next week.


The windows binary of 0.63.04RC1 is available from … e/download


Ok, I have finished with release notes -
Now I want to continue with release procedure by applying translations.