Synfig 0.63.02 crashes repeatedly

I have been using Synfig 0.63.02 in Ubuntu 11.10 and Fedora 15, and the software consistently crashes unexpectedly. It disappears from the screen and does not even give an error message. Is anyone else having this issue?

I’m still using version 11.04 of Ubuntu, and i’ll be upgrading my system by tomorrow (my current time here is 11:37 pm) Synfig is having at least one bug related with the my current version of Ubuntu, related to duck’s priority, i’ll confirm your problem as soon as i can, also on a side note, i’m not going to upgrade, but rater make a clean install from CD, this for avoid some problems that may occur. greetings!.

Please, can you run synfigstudio from a terminal instead from the menu entry?

$ synfigstudio

If there are any error message it will remain in the terminal and we can see it to know what’s happening.
Also, are you doing something special when that happens? Can you predict the crash?

i can’t reproduce your problem, are you using the Unity desktop? try with Gnome desktop, provably the composition manager (Compiz) has something to do with it, also can you explain in which cases the program is crashing/closing?