Synfig 0.62 Keyboard Shortcuts?

Hi. :question: I just upgraded Synfig from .61. to .62. but I discovered some issues… With 61, I could zoom in and out by holding Ctrl and using the scroll wheel on my mouse. I cannot perform that action anymore with 62. Also with 61, I could hold down the third mouse button and I could move the canvas around inside the workbench area. Can’t with 62. Have these features been taken from Synfig in 62? It’s not my mouse and I’ve already tried it with other computers and it still works. I have also tried it with Synfig 61 and it worked fine. So it must be Synfig 62. Do I somehow have the keyboard shortcuts turned off? If so, how can I activate them again?
Thanks a bunch! :smiley:


OS? GTK version?

(working here under Synfig 0.62.01 RC, Windows 7, GTK 2.16)

Ubuntu 10.04, don’t know with GTK (I think 2.16), and Synfig 0.62.00.

The cause might be that you’re using the extended input device for the usb mouse. Please try to enter to Toolbox->Device Settings and disable any device you find there. Try again to use the keyboard/mouse short cuts.

YES :exclamation: It worked! Thank you so much! :smiley:

it will be solved in the next release. You can checkout the Release Candidate in the Synfig News forum.
Thanks for use Synfig!