Synfig 0.62.00 Release Candidate #1 available

It is important to know if the simple ./configure, make and make install works fine.
Anyway if you can build in your system using the git repository code you probably can install it without problems.

svn up equivalent is git fetch or git pull. The first keep local branch untouched the second rebases it to match the remote.


Hi Genete, and all involved in this release, the simple ./configure make and make install works fine here compiling it against x11 on a G5 ppc mac running osx 10.5.8
and I don’t need to edit the file no more.
Congratulations to your fine work!! :smiley:


Ulrik, thanks for report it.
I have a question:
Following the instructions of the release page, in an ubuntu >=9.04 it is needed to comment the line 622 of the in synfig-core. I didn’t realize that the commented line was shipped to the release until I tested it to install the tarballs in a ubuntu virtual machine and found that the line was commented.
Then I’ve amended the file and uploaded the tarballs again. So it is possible that some people (maybe you) have loaded the version with the line 622 of the file commented.
Can you check out if the particular line is commented in the version you’ve downloaded? The current version has the line not commented.
It seems that just for old systems with libtool 1.5.26 should have the line ‘AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS(libltdl)’ but must not be present for libtool 2.2.4 (ubuntu case)

Second question: Does it means that building synfig against X11 it is possible to have it running in Mac. What are the cons on use X11 instead of native gui?

I wish to write something about that excellent new you have provided and to update the way to make synfig running in a Mac OS and partially break the fate of the Mac broken build.


Yes it seems to be commented out, I downloaded the new tarball to build it and this is what is on line 626:


It was a long long time since I tried to build it to run natively so I can’t compare the x11 build to the native version at this time, however when I managed to run a native version it was very buggish and frooze all the time so I skipped that version and worked with the x11 version instead. Now, when having the new x11 installed, the version from XQuartz with pen pressure, Synfig runs very nice :slight_smile:

About writing how to build Synfig on osx, I have prepared a text to put up (I thought I could put it on the wiki but now the wiki t is about to move and I should not write it there right?
When will there be a new wiki for Synfig?


The new wiki is in the sourceforge hosting site and it has basically the same content that in the past. Zelgadis has made some macros that in long term will produce better and easy to maintain translation version of the wiki.
The users and rights are kept:

You’re welcome to update or create a new page.

Later when the wiki is better mature we will ask darco to redirect to the sourceforge host address so we can come back to the original site from the external point of view.

Also we are setting up a website to move all the non wiki content there (news, gallery, download, etc) so the wiki would look more like a book.

Looking forward to your notes on building against X11 :slight_smile:


Cool the RC1!
Please Pixelgeek can you do a build for windows ?
Or I’ll have to try to build it myself but I’m not sure I can properly do it
(I’ve already done this on Linux but it seems a bit more complicated
on windows from what I’ve seen here …)

Hi Genete,

The tar files compiled just fine for me. Since my Debian 5.0 systems actually requires the “AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS(libltdl)” line to be commented out, it compiled straightaway.

I found the following three typo’s in the release notes, you might want to fix:

  • line 35: filed --> file
  • line 45: errros --> errors
  • line 52: corp --> crop

But, otherwise congratulations on this new and improved release candidate!!!

Out of curiousity, how long have you planned to wait before calling it final?


I’ve tested in the latest Debian 5.03 and it didn’t needed to comment that line. I still confused about it cos I don’t know what it does. I wish to learn autoreconf. :blush:
It is weird because in Ubuntu 9.04 it is needed to comment that line and in 9.10 not. The definitive tar.gz goes not commented so you’ll need to comment it for the next time.

Oh thanks!. At last someone reads the release notes :wink:


If in a week there are not mayor issues I’ll release the final version. The splash screen is pending to be defined.
Do you see something pending or needing improvement that must be fixed before the release?


Windows build is live on Sourceforge - … e/download

Note that this is a combined Synfig Studio/Core/Gtkmm/GTK install. Please uninstall all previous versions of these components prior to install. Also, you will still need an application that restricts Synfig to one cpu/thread. See this forum thread for details - viewtopic.php?f=12&t=733

Issues to the Development/Debugging section of the forum. Kudos can go here :slight_smile:


Couldn’t compile from git, as there’s no configure file…
But the tar balls compiled, no problems (ubuntu 9.04)

Thanks for your hard work

Tar balls fine and git doesn’t work? Weird. I bet that you missed some step of the build instructions. I build it several times in Ubuntu 9.04 and haven’t more problems that change the dang line in the file that exists in git.


Great, Thank you !! :mrgreen:

The git version is meant for developers, meaning you have to generate the configure file yourself.

See also:


Adding on to Gerco’s typo corrections, I did a little bit of clean up on the release notes, mostly for readability. There were numerous little fixes, so the whole shebang is submitted here in case it’s acceptable enough for someone to copy and paste into the official notes. There were a couple of entries I left alone because I wasn’t 100% sure what they meant, but - for the stuff I did clean up - I hope I didn’t make anything harder to read! :smiley:


Thanks muhkayoh. I appreciate fully your effort to read and clean the release notes. The suggestion will go to the NEWS files in each synfig component.

After read your post I was about to ask “which were the changes you made?” but then I realized that I can use git diff to see the differences :wink:.

Thanks for join efforts!! :smiley:


Sorry about that! I have no experience with git (or any other subversioning system) so I’m completely ignorant as to how changes are made in such a system.


Compiles fine on gentoo-amd64, some test images also render as they should. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to pick up an older synfig project I once started…

No say sorry!. diff is great working with version controlled system when the modified files is a text one. :smiley:


Thanks a lot rubickcube!!!

So at the moment it goes:

  • Windows (with exception for the tarballs)
  • Mac against X11 (thanks ulrik)
  • Ubuntu (9.04 and 9.10)
  • Debian 5.03
  • Gentoo
  • Arch Linux (Yaco mentioned he built successfully the git version so I guess the tar balls too)

It remains Fedora, Mandrake and Suse as main rpm systems.

Anyone to test the rpm’s?


For someone that has been following a tutorial to build Synfig under Intel Mac, I’ve moved the posts to a new thread: HERE