SVN server and IRC log bot are down

Unfortunately the SVN server is down, unsure why. Spoke to darco and we’ll be moving it onto the VPS.

The IRC log bot is also down. It is too unreliable and we need to find some other solution for it. The existing IRC logs will be moved onto the VPS. Until we find something else, please use dooglus’ text-based IRC logs linked from the contact page.

ohhh so that’s why it won’t work in the first place!

Ah, probably. You can download tarballs of the latest SVN though, see the source code page for those.

darco sent me the SVN repository dump, so I’ll be doing the SVN migration in the next few days.

I think I’ll just put the SVN repository onto, any comments on that?

Unfortunately the IRC logs were lost, but luckily Google seems to have a cache of them. If someone could download the Google cache of them, that’d be great.

Not sure what should happen tot the SVN repository once you migrate it to darco’s VPS. Would you delete the sourceforge then?. (I’m a little lost :confused: )
Regarding to IRC logs I think that dooglus mirror would be good for historical research. Why don’t we mention that on the IRC topic to prevent people to search logs in the coloured version before the problem with the server?

I mean I would put the SVN repository on instead of on the VPS. It just means one less thing to maintain and the commit permissions can be more easily updated using the admin system.

About the IRC logs, the log URL isn’t in the topic, only the onjoin message. I think we should change the onjoin message to the contact page, I’ve done that now.

Now I understand. Oh yes it could be good to place the SVN at SF server. If Darco agrees it’s a good idea.


You mean the Git server, surely? :wink:

I would love to go with git (and will probably setup a git mirror of svn), however dooglus will be back at some point. From what I remember he didn’t like the idea of splitting the repository up into several git repos. Since he has contributed a lot of code changes and fixes, I don’t want to block him from doing so in the future. So, I think we can revisit git when dooglus returns and keep svn for now.

SVN is finally migrated to Sorry for the delay :frowning:

See the source code wiki page for the URLs.

I’ll update the scripts on the VPS that create the daily SVN snapshot tarballs tomorrow (3am now).

Any suggestions for a nice IRC logging system would be good.