At last! The feature that I was waiting for so long that made me switch to linux trying to build it, while failing miserably and eventual crashing my PC while exploring the wonderful world of dependences and pure strangeness has arrived!
Thank you! Akagogo,Genete and Zelgadis for your help in creating this wonderful feature!
Now my workflow will be vastly improved! :smiling_imp:
Thank you very much!

It is glad that you are so happy.
But remember that this import SVG feature is not perfect.

  1. It only import XML 1.1 compatible files. It crashes when the format is not proper. That crash must be corrected
  2. The import is not perfect. It has some glitches.
  3. The document created after SVG import operation can be very unuseful for animation, because it follows the same SVG logic to encapsulate items and it is not very suitable for animation IMHO.

But hey! feature! :wink:


1)Plain inkscape svg works with all object as paths
3)If you think about animating in inkscape you can organize it there,even in synfig you can organize something as to be unsuitable for animation
Actually the only thing Iโ€™m happy about is that in this importer you can link the imported blines easy without the strangeness when things donโ€™t link properly like when you need a rotate and zoom layer
Now things that where impossible like making multiple strands of hair or the variable geometry at the start of the hair are possible with the help of inkscape
Like in this example the root of the hair was made with various inkscape tools

I should be able to post a Windows build with SVG shortly. :slight_smile: