Hello everyone, I discovered synfig two years ago but it looked like a dead project for some time. I’m glad to see it’s alive and going strong. I even saw that you have my dealbreaker request on your to-do–>implementing the import/export of SVG (scalable vector graphics).

This is an astounding discovery for me as this is the most advanced GPL animation software out there and I have a large quantity of characters and other visual elements that I have built up over the years using Inkscape. I have even begun animating using inkscape by manually doing the tweeing and using png2avi to make it into a animated avi file. It works, it’s just not very easy or fun to do it that way.

Now that I see you guys are planning to incorporate this in the future, I will start learning to use the program. I guess there is now way to incorporate my svg drawings in at this point or it wouldn’t be on the to-do right?

Anyway, keep up the great work, this is a fantastic project you are bringing to the community.

There are a couple of SVG to Synfig converters available:

At the moment we have zero people doing regular development, so nothing is likely to get implemented any time soon. The wishlist and todo files are basically just what people thought would be nice to have.

I tried to get people interested in development with a developer challenge:


Haven’t seen that anyone is interested in helping out with it yet unfortunately :frowning:

If you know any developers who know C++ and or autotools, we’d be glad to have their help!

Ok I’m going to have to go through the steps when I have some time to delve into it. If it works that would be awesome. The main thing that’s been holding me back is that I don’t want to redraw from scratch everything that’s already done.

Thanks for the pointer!

Looking at the instructions more closely, I gather the the first example is for windows (d: in example, plus a mention of a FOSS program not working).

Option 2 seems to talk my language :slight_smile:

I’ll have to tone down my svg files (gradients and effects probably won’t work with this version either) and if it doesn’t keep both the fill and the line color, I guess these can be fixed in synfig afterwards, right?

I have a short video clip to do next week, so I’m going to play around with these over the week-end. If the converter works I’ll start learning synfig right away, if it’s a hassle, I’ll go with what I know (saving each frame from Inkscape and then using png2avi to animate it. It’s not the best way to go about animating but it works :slight_smile: