SVG imports

New to Figsyn and making sure I can get all the import/export interfaces working first. Only difficulty I have is importing clipart in svg format. I’ve tried several as direct file->open imports and none load. I’ve set up the svg2sif conversion batch file using Saxon9 and that won’t handle anything either.

Is there something else I can try?
Is there a repository of svgs I can reliably import into figsyn?

btw I’ve been checking out various animation routes over the last weeks and was delighted to stumble on Figsyn with its built-in tweening. Look forward to getting stuck in to some serious work with it soon.


Hi geo
In Synfig Studio you can import a SVG file by the sequence: Canvas Caret Menu>File>Import
It would import SVG 1.0 version compatible files and we cannot garantee that could open any other SVG version. It has much to fix though and it is a not fully implemented feature.

Please use “Synfig” instead of “figsyn” or I’ll have some headaches when reading your posts. :wink:


re figsyn & synfig - maybe I’m dyslectic ? :slight_smile: