SVG import issue

Hi out there.

I’m new to Synfig, and would like to import some of my SVG drawings (scanned and converted pen-sketches) to Synfig as a starting point to animate them. (Maybe later I’ll prefer drawing in Synfig, but not sure. My hand is always at hand you know:)

My problem is that I cannot see my SVG when I import it. Maybe I’m missing some visibility setting or such as a newbie…
I converted from bitmap to SVG via CR8tracer, potracer, re-saved from Inkscape, etc… none of the resulted svg files could be seen after being imported to Synfig… Anyway, I had luck with some SVG files from the internet, no idea what they have which my svg lacks…
You can see my problematic SVG in the attachment.

Could you help? This step is really needed for me to start making cartoons…

Hi hermit!
Please use the new svg2sif Inkscape pluging.
(scroll down to see the script)
The current SVG built in importer has many failures and probably will be deprecated in the furture.

For svg2sif Inkscape plugin, some objects is missing if I update the object labels.
As a workaround, I need to create a new object to replace existing one.

Hi summoner.

I’m the author/maintainer of svg2sif. If you can attach a problematic SVG file here on the forum (or send it to me privately, e.g. via email) I can examine it and hopefully fix the plugin within a day or two.

Feedback is very important in making sure that the exporter meets everyone’s needs, so if you encounter any bugs or missing features please take the time to report them.

Attached you could find the original SVG file, and the output result.
man_2r_temp.sif (40.3 KB)

Looks like you stumbled across a platform-dependant bug. I’ll be glad to help, but I would need some details about your computer.

Specifically: your OS (Windows/Mac/Linux/other), Inkscape version (listed in the “Help>About Inkscape” menu), and how/where you installed Inkscape (in case you did anything custom).

If you’re running Inkscape Portable for Windows there is unfortunately nothing I can do to fix this - the PortableApps team removed some Inkscape features that the extension needs.

Otherwise: when you save this file as a SIF, do you see a new Inkscape window pop up for a couple of seconds? (That second window is supposed to make some changes to the document.) Depending on your answers I’ll know how to proceed.

As a workaround, you can select the shapes that aren’t showing up and run “Path>Object to Path” from the Inkscape menu.


OS: Windows 7
Inkscape: 0.48.2 r9819, I installed it in my d drive. svg2sif is the first extension I added in the software.

For svg files with the same problem, there is a popup windows within a second.
For svg files without the problem, there is no popup windows.

I don’t remember wether it is portable version. Let me download inkscape again and retry it within these 2 days.

Then it seems like the script isn’t able to find a copy of Inkscape to launch for the pop-up. I doubt you’re running the portable version - InkscapePortable is typically installed on a USB flash drive, and the problem with it isn’t that the window doesn’t open, but that it does nothing.

Can you check whether Extensions>Arrange>Restack work as expected? I suspect that the problem is that Inkscape isn’t it your system PATH variable.

Technical solutions are:

  • Add the folder where Inkscape.exe is located to the system PATH. See here for a guide on how to set the PATH variable
  • If you’re running Inkscape from a shortcut on the desktop, edit the shortcut and set the “Run In” directory to the folder where “Inkscape.exe” is located

(any one of the two should work)

Ideally everything would work out-of-the-box, but off the top of my head I can’t come up with any easy way to do that.