svg import broken

I’m on ubuntu karmic and importing a plain svg gives me only rubbish vertex outside of the canvas.

I do: “File -> Import” and get an Inline Canvas, inside that is an “unknown layer” and the vertex salad.

can somebody reproduce that? (In my case the svg was traced text)

Hi mray,
can you provide specifically the SVG file you’re trying to import to Synfig?
Have you tried to import a simple shape? How does it look?
Have you double checked that you have previously converted the text to path?
Have you saved the file to Plain SVG from Inkscape before import to Synfig?
Sometimes it is file related and maybe cannot reproduce in all circumstances.

I want to note that saving as plain SVG, or as an old version of the format, should not really be necessary. As a matter of fact, the converse may be true: I remember a “plain” svg file (it may have been made by Adobe Illustrator) that would not parse until I opened and resaved it in Inkscape.