Sup people. Anyone need some free background music?

First off, I am NOT a spambot I promise! :slight_smile: I have a link to provide but its benign, I swear.

Anyways, I’m Mike. Hobbyist digital musician aspiring to go commissioned pro.
I also draw and am getting into digital art since I recently got my first graphics tablet. (And that’s where Synfig comes in)
Screwed with Synfig a bit a year ago. I’m inclined to use it again since it’s gotten some pretty good updates!

For now, I’m mainly just here to let people know I have a few free songs out for anyone who wants some background music for their videos or anything really. And more will be added later as I make more random BGM tracks (working on one right now actually).
All I ask for is credit and that you let me know you used it.
You can download them at

If anyone’s generous enough to check out other stuff I make, just look up “darkflamesquirrel” on soundcloud or deviantart.

Hey mods, if this is too self-promotional feel free to remove this post and I apologize in advance.


Hello FlyingCarParts and welcome here…

Since the year you have past using synfig i’m sure you have found the step by step tuto, and thank’s for your gift to the community.