Stuck on lesson 1 boy.png

I purchased the manual and become stuck on the first exercise. I might have a different version of Synfig or cannot find the appropriate controls. In lesson 1 I start by importing the boy.png and right away I am looking at something different than the explanation on the tutorial. He is explaining the red, orange, yellow, blue and green handles that he says every object will have and I am looking at just 2 green handles and thats it. I searched online and finally found that I needed to drag a selection area to include both green handles and once selected I could then move the object. Great, it only took me 45 minutes to figure out how to trick the software into performing with the tutorial. Next stumbling block: I have spent close to 2 hours trying to figure this one out and have finally turned to the forums. I have no time line window and am also missing the window with the zoom slider. I cannot find in the program or an explanation online as to how to retrieve these windows. Most programs it would be under View or Windows, but not so with Synfig.

Hello and welcome here,

humm … i guess you have an old synfig version (0.64 series?), you should update to the last release (actually 1.0.2) from the official synfig website and start again from sratch.

The version I downloaded and installed is from the Synfig site and says that it is 1.02. But when I install and run the program it states that it is .64 version like you guessed correctly.

Hummm … i want to say you still does’nt have installed the 1.0.2 correctly.

  • From “Ubuntu software Center” search and remove synfig (should be 0.64) (from terminal “$:sudo dpkg --remove synfigstudio”)
  • From Nautilus, go where you have downloaded synfigstudio 1.0.2 … check if it’s a deb file … check if it’s 32b or 64b (accordingly to your system), double click, it should ask you for password in order to install. You can also install from a terminal “$:sudo dpkg --install synfigstudio_1.0.2_amd64.deb”

Thank you for your help. It is working now. My mistake was downloading and installing the generic linux version tar.bz2. When I used the appropriate .deb for Ubuntu version all was well. Thanks again.