Stretch 'Brush Image'

I’m wondering if it’s possible to use the same method for use a custom image as a brush, but stretch the image along the Bline/Path pretty much like Inkscape can do

You mean this?


more like this

using the whole image as the shape, not the image itself as a brush at all

I see. Nothing like that by now at Synfig. For the moment, the widths of the blinepoints are the only way to control the width on the bline and whatever you place on it.
Perhaps you can take a look to a curve warp layer and test it. I’ll leave you experiment on use the curve warp layer, since there is not written documentation for it after introduced.
Curve warp is like a “straight to bline” bend map utility.

ok, let’s see what that layer can do, i haven’t played with it enough.

Sorry to dig up this old conversation. I was going to submit a new feature request but noticed the discussion hadn’t moved.

I too was looking for a way to stretch an image along a path but couldn’t find a way and the examples shown in the documentation repeat an object along a path. The Pattern Along Path effect in Inkscape shows what I want t do in Synfig.


The object on the left is distorted/stretched along the path on the right.

As suggested by @Genete I tried using the Curve Warp layer and, well…


Even after reading the documentation the layer behaves unpredictably.

Any consideration that a brush along path could be added in the future to the current path/outline layers?