Street scene

Remember the “New furniture” scenario on the wiki animation ideas page?

Here’s my attempt at creating the street of scene1, when the woman approaches. The furniture shop is the pink one (yeah, pink!). I need to re-work on the windows shadows, they don’t look really good. I also need to add some other buildings and details… just because the street won’t be animated so I don’t care having details.
[size=75](The black borders were a bad attemps at hidding the part where the drawing stops :] )[/size]

And there’s also the woman. I’m not sure I could ever animate her, but well, at least I can draw her … :unamused:

The drawings look very nice!

Excelent drawings rore!
I’m sure you’ll animate her very well. I like the colors too much!

Lovely street scene rore, and also a nice looking lady! :smiley:

Thank you everyone. :slight_smile:

Here’s a little update of the street:

The main changes are not visible: On the 1st version, I linked many vertices to “sew” the several surfaces toghether, but I had problems with this bug . I rendered the scene with quality=0 as Genete suggested, but I knew that won’t be good for a whole animation. So here I “un-sewed” everything and make surfaces overlap, so I could render the scene with normal settings.

Also, here’s my reference draft, if anyone’s interested :slight_smile: (drawn by hand, quick colors in Gimp. That’s convenient to have such a draft because I can use the eyedrop tool to get quickly the right colors)

BTW, the perspective is not correct, but I think that’s not too visible. With the correct perspective, the yellow house was really too “squashed”.

Again beautiful drawings rore!

Regarding to overlapping regions you can solve it in a small step: create an outline with same color than one of the regions. Then select the outline and the region and make RMB click and link. It will link the outline and the region and automatically overlap your thin annoying line. If the outline is thin enough it will overlap but will be not visible in size change. Repeat the same process with the other region layer. I think 1 pixel thick solves the problem.

Also I would like to make some suggestions on the woman structure. (Consider that all that I’m going to say is theory and learnt from others not in my own skin…). Before try to animate her, best create a story board of the main scenes and look if you need to have smooth transitions between poses. If not needed then you just need to draw each main scene pose and tweak them a little to create some small animation. If in the other hand you need a head turn or body turn, then before continue drawing her, you need to think how to do the transitions. You should build her structure thinking on how to morph it. It will help on the “pose to pose” animation. The other pose to pose animation that are not smooth can be done cutting the scene and just changing the canvas or the file.

I hope it helps you.

Hi Genete

As already said on IRC, I prefered to make overlapping regions than to have to deal with the double number of layers. That’s a form of lasyness I suppose :slight_smile:

For the woman, your advices will be very useful soon, thank you a lot.
So far, the transitions should not be too difficult. She’s walking, (viewed from the front) and then stop at the level of the pink store, and … turns her head. I hope I won’t have too many problems with the head turning :slight_smile:

I don’t know if you saw in the bug report, but you can get rid of the thin line by turning off ‘anti aliasing’ in all the region layers.

That will make everything look rough around the edges, but that can be fixed by putting a super-sample layer over the top of everything.

I like the draft :smiley: