Strange crashes in a particular file

I’ve started to have strange crashes when manipulating the ducks of this file.
It seems like if sometimes the vertex or tangent value becomes a “nan” and then it crash when you want to edit the value.
I’ve done the same layers in other document and it doesn’t crash at all. It is just that file.

Can someone test to load the file and manipulate the ducks of the red outline?. Use the normal tool and move the free vertices, the linked to bline ones and the tangents.
After some fiddling it crashes to me: “Segfault”. :frowning:


nope, no problems here

I’m using ubuntu 9.04, and compiled synfig from git 7 August… perhaps your version is more recent?

Thanks for testing saorsa.
I’m testing with the latest version but the weird thing is that other files doesn’t crash. The crash frequency for that file is very frequent, and none for any other file.
Still researching, thanks for your input. I start believe that I have corrupted libs in the hard disk. I should re install them.

I think I see the same thing.
The first time I opened it it immediately crashed.
2nd time it opened OK, but some fiddling with the tangent made it sit for a while on rendering, then crash.


I’ve compiled a version from 2009-03-17 “Fix bug #2652974. Reverts revision r2326 to previous state” and it still crashing.
I believe that it would happen with very quick computers and also I believe that we are in front of a good example crasher for the reference count problem.
I’ll try with a previous version.


I’ve tried this file, with Pixelgeek last installer, it works without bug
(I’ve moved every tangents and ducks and other things, no bug or crash).

(Anyway it shown me what does “Straight Onto” mode, wich I didn’t know yet, cool :slight_smile: )

In revision: 2008-12-18 “Add loop parameter to the Random valuenode…” it crashes too.
It takes a while (about 1 minute) but after manipulate continuously the vertices and the tangents of the red BLine (frame 0 not animation mode) it crash.

Saorsa, Animtim, can you write your computer specifications?

I’ve tested it in the laptop (much slower than this pc) using an old morevna package (but later than the above mentioned) and it doesn’t seem to crash. I think that the computer specifications are important.
Pixelgeek, can you test it on another machine?

my comp. spec.:
-Athlon64 X2 5600+;
-4G ram (3,2 recognized because 32bit system);
-Geforce 9800 GT;
-WinXP 32 home edition.
(ask if you want more specific infos)

here you go:
2x AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+
2033MB (577MB used)
Ubuntu 9.04
GeForce 8500 GT/PCI/SSE2
hope this helps

Thanks guys for the info.
I bet that you’ll get the same bug soon or later.

If you’re bored do this:

-Open the file
-Select one vertex from the red outline. The one nor linked and in the middle of the outline.
-Using the normal tool, drag it from here to there and inmediately from there to here… Loop it several times… Like if you were playing to be crazy… :wink: It crash to me.


Hi Genete, I made as you said and no crash here, using:

Revision: 20090822
Branch: master
Built with:
ETL 0.04.12
Synfig API (006000)
Synfig library 47
GTK+ 2.16.5
GNU G++ 4.0.1

Synfig 0.61.09
GTK+ 2.16.6

on mac osx 10.5.8 g5 ppc machine

I think I will do a screen cast of how to achieve a crash by moving the ducks. :mrgreen:
BTW, ulrik! it is great that you have compiled again synfig in a Mac machine!!! The Mac community would be endless grateful to you if you update the build instructions and help others to make a working build! We need a Mac maintainer! :cry: