Stickman on single region/path

I am testing Synfig Studio for few days now and in my opinion it is the great software. Unfortunalely I have a small problem.

I need to animate a hand that consists of only one region (see image below). Splitting this hand into smaller pieces is not an option, because I don’t want to have any lines between its parts and borders must be consistent. To animate the movement of this hand I can move its individual vertexes, but there will be no control of its shape and length. I want to have something like rotate layers which allows to change the angles and nothing more. Is there any way to achieve that in current version of program, or some changes in the source code are required?

thx for any help/response,

In the currently under development release 0.64.01 there will be included a basic non human friendly bone system. You can try it at the development download area or the corresponding forum thread.
Im writing from a smartphone so sorry for not help more.

Bone system is under development? Wonderful news :slight_smile:

I’ll check this development build and give you feedback next week.

I have downloaded the latest snapshot from github and tested it. The setup might be a little confusing, everything else is just ok. Great work :slight_smile:

my suggestions:

  • automaticly delete bones that have no references to any skeleton or verticle (recursion)
  • show only bones in the drop-down menu from the group where skeleton layer is declared

Your post was very useful: Development snapshots for 0.64.1 **Bones branch included**

thx for help :slight_smile: