Stickman Battle

Seriously, these are so much fun. I’d recommend anyone make one.

Here’s mine:
Sorry about the video quality. And my complete lack of attentiveness to all the little glitches and odd movements.

Ha ha ha! Cool! Only miss some sound effects. There are lots of them out there and it should be easy to sync with an video editor.
Keep it up!

Tee hee - I saw it on YouTube before I saw the posting here. Go black stickman!


Very cool! Any plans to release a source?

Source?! There’s really not that much to see - about 10 blines moving about. :slight_smile:
Each limb and body was just a single line with just two points.
Each little camera angle was a separate file and I stuck them together in blender.

When I make something more worthy, I’ll give out the source.

They moves are very realistic. Maybe you will agree to do such stick-animation for some scenes of MorevnaProject?

Sure. What needs doing?

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EDIT: Very stupid post. I’m an iddddddddddddddddddddiot.

nicely done! just one question tho… how did you make the camera effects? I didn’t think you could move the camera in synfig.