StickFig: a plugin to create stickman like templates.

That’s it!

[root@lenovo-lin ~]# python --version Python 2.6.6 [root@lenovo-lin ~]# python3 --version Python 3.2.2 [root@lenovo-lin ~]# which python /usr/bin/python [root@lenovo-lin ~]# which python3 /usr/bin/python3
And what to do now?

This is going to be a problem. Looks like synfig is just calling python for the the plugins. There must be a way to check if python is in version 3 and if not check for python3 if not raise an error to install python3.

I was using too python 2.7.3. cause is the default python in ubuntu 12.04
Didn’t know that and I don’t know if the script is compatible with python 3

By the way.
I replaced the .iter method with .findall and now it must be compatible with python 2.6 too. But stickfig_layer must be in the root.
Download again pls. As I cannot check if this is compatible for python 2.6 or 3

But Synfig must check of the python version it uses.

Oh! Now it works!

Yes Synfig calls “python” binary without checking the version.

That raises another question: Which version of python should we stick with?

In fact, the scripts provided by me are compatible with python 2 and python 3 both. I don’t know if that’s ok to keep that strategy or maybe we better force particular version of python? :slight_smile:

Resolved: … issues/417

The final version 0.64.0 will require Python 3. Suitable binary (python or python3) is detected automaticaly at runtime.

Why don’t you embed python? That way, you can eliminate so many potential headaches that it’s worth the initial effort. Most Windows users don’t have Python installed in the first place and with Linux situation is even worse since they might have 2.6 or 2.7, while 3.3 might not be available in repositories.

Python WILL BE bundled with Windows version.
As far as I know, all actively mainatained linux distributions have python3 in their repos and its possible to have them in parallel with regular puthon 2.x installation. Synfig is smart enough to choose the proper version.

Will it? Ack - something else to add to the list. Is it needed at compile time?


Hi! Yes, please take a look here - Linux binaries for 0.64.0 (candidate #3)