Hi guys!

The introduction video for is finally online:

either small on the front page or at higher resolutions here:

It is completely animated with Synfig Studio! (Is it “Synfig” or “Synfig Studio”?)

Looks great!


It looks very professional. Good job mray!

Very nice work!
Looks crisp and fresh

Great job mray!!
It looks so professional and smooth!

Great. Congratulations.

Hah that video makes me wanna JOIN StatusNet. :open_mouth: (And join I will!)


I must admit, I’m duly impressed with your video. I look forward to having access, if possible, to your source files, in particular: Inkscape and Synfig Studio files.

In particular: what was the extent of each application. How far was Inkscape used before elements were transferred to Synfig Studio. How far was Synfig Studio used before elements were transferred to Kdenlive.