starting error

Please help
when I start synfig it says

synfigstudio.exe:3312: GLib-object-CRITICAL **: Object clas gtkm__Custom Object_N6studio15ValueBase_Enrty E doesn’t implement properly ‘editing cancelled’ from interface 'GTKCellEditable

When I import images in image layer, images are not seen.
Please help to resolve

The error shown is not related with the described problem.

Report the following:
0) Synfig Studio version and platform where it is executed.

  1. Verify that image is accessible (readable).
  2. Cairo render doesn’t work with non png images.
  3. Checkout your default blend method.


Can you share the image you’re trying to import?


Copy of Copy of frame.txt (3.97 KB)
Copy of eagle.txt (456 Bytes)
flying bird_frame_0003.png
flying bird_frame_0002.png
flying bird_frame_0001.png

For walk images, be sure you don’t have Cairo render enabled: Toolbox->Settings->Use Cairo render on Workarea
For walk images, text file is not well created. Please checkout a well formated file: … mation.lst
For eagle images, text file is not full ASCII and is not well created.