Spinning ambigram

Not sure why I did this. Oh yeah… for fun.
An ambigram with the word Synfig, yay. The kind that can be read when turned 180°.
I hope it’s not too hard to read anyway.


That is awesome rore!

Quite cool! I love that kind of things when I was child!

Very nice!


EDIT: Just pretend this post is invisible and/or doesn’t exist.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Coolname007: well, no need for secret text option, just patience :slight_smile:.
Take a pencil and a piece of paper, write a word in both ways, and then spend lot of time trying to figure out how to make the letters be readable in both ways :smiley:
That’s how I did here with the word “Synfig”. And when I had something that looked good enough, I drew a “clean” version (because my 1st piece of paper was full of drafts and scribbles :]) , scanned it, and traced it by hand inside Synfig. I just needed to trace “syn”, duplicated it and turned if 180° to get “nfig”. (Ok, that would make Synnfig, so I erased the double N).

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