Sourceforge plans to update its hosting platform


When I administrate the Synfig’s account at sourceforge and enter at the Project Settings area, there is a advertisement on the right that says this:

I was intrigued about how would the new platform look and so then I visited the project Allura at sourceforge which is currently using the interface that will be the future of sourceforge.

My surprise is that there are lots of missing features that exists now but has not been included in the new system. For example:

Wiki: We use our own wiki and never will migrate to other place due to the user database (usernames and passwords can’t be migrated easily for security).
Summary: similar to current sourceforge interface. Not bad but I miss the direct download link for the latest version for the detected platform.
Git: I miss the commitdiff link, the raw and bulk links. They only can be seen once you enter at the commit to see its detailed description. In the current (ugly) interface, those links are available with the commits list. The good ones is that it has a fork button that allows to make coding more social (like github)
Tickets: This replaces all trackers. The search system is query based so it is needed to learn the query language. I miss an easy way to assign the ticket to one developer because there is not drop down list for that. I like the milestone selection.
Discussion: We have our own forum
Chat: I wonder if the logs can be hosted at sf.

So, it seems that this is the future, time to think on other host service for tickets and code?




I second github.

I already have a github account. (Can’t remember the login, but I do have one…) So, +1 for Github. JIRA for bug tracking would be cool too.

Zelgadis is considering Bug Genie for tracking. It is easily installable into the website because the soft manager of the host service that hosts our site has this tracker on the available software to install. … _Bug_Genie

I’m unsure yet of everything. :slight_smile:


My vote is for Github too (and we already have account there).
And I want to try TheBugGenuie for bug tracking (it integrates with github very well - ). Still that needs to be investigated after I come back from LGM.

I think that we can keep both sf and github as code repositories pushing to both at the same time. This way there is always a mirror of the code at sf.

For tracking there is one thing that I would like to not loose. The new tracker we migrate should be able to import all the current issues from sf. For me it is a prerequisite to match for the migration.

If we go to github maybe it worths to take a look to the its current tracker. Its integration with code is great.


Yes, but there’s no attachments.

Regarding to alternative trackers, what about Mantis? It is supported by Softaculous too as well as Bug Genie and it is open source.


I don’t like its interface - .
I did a review of many of them and TheBugGenuie looks as most attractive to me. Bug Genie is opensource too.

I use github too, so I agree if you want to move there.
Jira and related (we can use all the atlassian products for free) are very nice too, they integrate everything and we can use their on-demand services so we don’t need to setup anything, we just run everything on their servers. they are very feature rich including code reviews, tickets, customizable workflow, etc, and of course can import everything from SF.
Jira is also used by 17000 enterprises, including Facebook, twitter, The apache foundation, Pixar, NASA, etc so it’s worth a try.