Sound not rendering in papagayo workflow

hi, new to synfig but hve to say it’s pretty cool for freeware.

Anyway, I tried my first lipsync today. Recorded a wav took it into papagayo and generated a pgo fine. Took it into synfig and made a switch fine. Added mouth shapes etc and after much tinkering found a codec that resulted in a playable file. I’m on windows and what worked for me was ffmpg with mp4 part 2 and xvid.

My problem is that when I play the vid there’s no audio.

The original wav plays fine. The wav imported ok through pgo and created a sound object layer. Preview fails is silent as well.

Anyone seen anything like this? Thanks in advance.


you can’t render directly sound within your video, you will have to use a non-linear video editor or Blender for example to add your sound track.
See :wink:

AFAIK, you need jack to play audio in preview.