Sound(I already know it doesn't work, specific question)

I am trying to make animations using Synfig, to be posted on Newgrounds, youTube, ect. This is a terrific program that everyone should hear about. I have come into a small snag in production, though. I already read that little post on the Wiki, I’m not too fluent in code, but I understood that some of the audio stuff was commented out in the code. While Synfig cannot play back sound in the project, is there a way to render it with the sound intact? I have tried to import some music (in mp3 format, does it only work with wmv or midi?) but after I do, it doesn’t even appear that I imported it(the file doesn’t show up in the imports box).
So, I guess my question is this, is it possible to render an animation WITH the sound. By that I mean, after I finish an animation, have the sound in the background of the animation when I play the finished product. I understand this may be a difficult, (if not LONG) question, but I really REALLY REALLY love animation and I just want to make animated shorts, maybe even do it as a career, so help would be appreciated.

Current sound support is disabled due to license incompatibility. You have to add sound using a video editor.

Thanks for the answer!
So, it’s a legal issue that the sound doesn’t work?

hi you can ref to our FAQ … to_work.3F

there are some sound layer related topics in our forum, for example:

And a wiki page discussing “Sound Layer” implementation if you are interested in it.