Some Tools preset

I’m missing a way to save/restore multiple presets on the Draw tool.
It could be usefull too for every other tools with many parameters,but I need it on this one particulary, because I use to switch
mainly between two kind of settings every time when drawing (one with “create region” , “auto extend” and other things for the shapes,
and a different setting without for the details above…)
So it would save huge amount of time to can switch with one click between user saved presets!

Is it possible for someone to add this feature?

I think it could be possible. Don’t know exactly how to by now because I’ve not played with tool options never. It is a good suggestion. Maybe can you add it to feature request tracker @ sf to not forget it later?


first of all, I’m loving Synfig and having a lot of fun playing around with it to learn how to use it properly before I start doing serious stuff.

To my question, has something similar to what has been suggested here been implemented? (I’m posting on an old thread because I think it’s relevant, hope it’s not a problem!)

What I was thinking of isn’t exactly what Animtim has suggested (I think). I was thinking of saving certain parameters of a tool.
My idea was to have the character’s outline appear as if it’s being drawn, and then the shape is filled in. However to create the outline’s animation takes several steps, and it becomes tedious to do for many characters. Even a single character is made up of several lines to set up. So maybe a presetting can be made, so that each width point of the Advanced Outline can be set with “Set Type After = Rounded Stop” already, etc. Another way to do it, I guess, is the have a single Advanced Outline over the other outlines that has to only purpose to appear as I described, but I was curious if there were presetting options.

Thanks very much!

Hi two_eyes,
There is not anyone working on this at the moment but the idea is included in the UI revamp that is under development by Jcome.