Some Synfig murals started popping in my hometown

They consist of simplified version of Synfig/voria logo (without gradients only blue shield and black cross-stripes on it) and S at right side from logo. Logo was similar to this:

but without any shades of blue, only plain blue background and black lines on it. And S besides it looks like font used in Synfig logo.

I don’t know what to think about it. Also couldn’t take any pics, because I don’t own digital camera and my microSD reader is broken so even if I’d take pics with my phone, I’d have no way to transfer it to computer (I’m using Nokia 6151 and until it can call and send text messages, I don’t plan on getting anything newer than that).

//edit: For now I know of at least about 3 murals. May be more. If some user of Synfig did it, I think it may be good marketing move - some people will research what that is all about.

so you think that this software have truly fans ? ;;; incredible !

Yeah, it seems so :wink:.

I’m not fun of street artwork if is damages the private property. Anyway, I want to see a photo of that!!! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

I hope it only damaged public property :wink:
Please get some friend or relative to grab a photo!

Well, I don’t get along with most of my relatives (and those which I’m okay with doesn’t have digital cameras or any cameras at all) and my only friends are online ones, so yeah.

I know, I’m sad, pitiful man.

And for damaging part, it’s funny but people here don’t mind graffiti if it is actually good one (as in case with synfig thing). They rather mind stuff like this:

than this:

Well, unless they’re jerks, but here rule of the thumb is that if it looks good is generally allowed to stay, one of proofs is big mural that was on side of one of the local bank branches (can’t remember which bank) for YEARS until they decided to change color of external walls, but that wasn’t targeted specifically at mural and chief of that branch even said that he kinda miss it in local tv.