Some questions

Im new to synfig, but experienced with programs like inkscape, blender and gimp. But i have some questions :wink:

  • How can i force synfig to use the english language instead the german translation? (it is horrible and misleading)
  • How can i convert a an outline (bline) to a filled layer?
  • Is it possible to split blines while animating, and how?
$ LANG=C synfigstudio

Yes it is possible but a bit complex.

  1. Create the two blines
  2. Convert the edge blinepoint of one of them to be a Switch type.
  3. Link one of the links of the subparameters of the Switch conversion to the end blinepoint of the other bline.
  4. Animate the boolean shift subparameter of the Shift conversion to attach or unattach the end of a bline to the other bline.

If you cannot do it, please come back and I’ll explain it better with examples. Now I have to go.