Some Questions About Synfig

Hey, I found Synfig a few days ago and found it to be an intresting package. It seemed to me like it would fit my needs and offer a lot of fun to use. I have a few questions to ask about it though:

  1. Is the program similar in any way to Blender 3D?
  2. Is the program similar in any way to GIMP?
  3. Does the program require programming in order to create animation? (I saw some things about programming on the main site)

I have used Blender 3D and done animations in the software, but I have always wanted to do 2D animtion and then I found this progam and wanted to try it out. Has anyone used Blender 3D and if they have, do they know if any of the skills that I’ve learned with Blender 3D be useful in Synfig?

Thanks in advance! :exclamation:

Both are animation programs and share some of the animation concepts. But they are quite different.

They only share the concept of layers and its blending feature (from top to down). Gimp is raster and no animation and Synfig is vector and 2D animation.

Absolutely nothing. You just need to know the animation concepts (timeline, waypoint, keyframe, etc.) and the layer composition concepts (layer stack, blending method, encapsulation,…)

If you’re animated something in Blender you will enjoy Synfig as well.

Yeah, I have used Blender for some 3D work and I do enjoy it and since I know some of the key concepts in animation I’m hoping the transition won’t be too difficult. Also, I have another question: Has anyone every made a full animated film (eg: 30min) I was just wondering because I wanted to see how well the program performed in a complete production process.

Thanks in advance!

30 minutes of quality animation?! No not yet. For a challenge of that size you should look to Morevna’s proyect. There is an specific forum for that project here. It is still WIP.

Oh, ok! Well thanks a lot! :smiley: