some help

created some jpegs
created a canvas
imported the first image and created a keyframemoved the timebar and created a second keyframe
imported second jpeg
created a third keyframe
imported third jpeg

when i preview i get the completed image for the entire timeline.

each jpeg builds upon the next - so what am i doing wrong? jeez it’s only three keyframes - shouldn’t synfig tween them - they’re like 3 secs apart

plant.sifz (487 Bytes)

Hi pal,

did you click the green button to make it go red and enter “EDIT MODE” ?

and did you look at the PAD lock to see if frames are locked?

also clicking on JMP in the key frames view to look at what should display at each key frame?


ah, what you are trying to do is importing a JPG sequence, Synfig Studio has a tricky way to do so:

1.- Have ready you image sequence
2.- Create an empty file with extension ‘.lst’ or open a ‘.txt’ file and save as ‘.lst’ file
3.- The ‘.lst’ file must be on the same location as your sequence of images, open the ‘.lst’ file with your favorite text editor and make something like this:

FPS 4 frame_01.jpg frame_02.jpg frame_03.jpg frame_04.jpg frame_01.jpg frame_02.jpg frame_03.jpg frame_04.jpg frame_01.jpg frame_02.jpg frame_03.jpg frame_04.jpg

as you can see, is as easy as have a header with the frames per second set at the rate you want, next is the filename of every image with extension (NOTE: Synfig is case-sensitive and is important that you keep check on that)

4.- Finally, open Synfig and press ‘import’ button, select the ‘.lst’ file and you are done with you image sequence inside Synfig.

Here is the documentation for this process if you want further information, good luck!