some advise on crash issues please?

Hey guys whats up? really like this program so far. I’ve been using it for a little less than a month and can say i’m impressed with what it can do. I have followed the flower tut and the moving sun tut. I’m going at this as much as a noobie as I can.
I have searched a bit and understand that there some problems with Synfig. so I’m not going to complain,but just ask if there are any ways to cut down on the crashes? I have the window resize, the watching/ play back and (hey I’m just gonna crash right now for some reason) crash issues. so is there any thing i could to do to make my experience a little better? maybe some change of settings for example or anything of the sort.
thank you in advance.

sorry I’m using 64.1 and single thread is adjusted.

-Disable Cairo render in the preferences. It has issues on playing animation on canvas.
-Do not scrub the time line to preview the animation, better use the preview window dialog and move the time slider there. To move from one time to other on the time line just click not drag.
-Disable long render effects (anything that implies a blur or a raster operation) when editing the animation. At the end fine tune the animation of the effects one by one and only watching the layers that are affected by it.

I’m sorry for those drawbacks but in Windows version (because you’re using windows version, right?) but we have not found a better way to fix them.

Ok i will follow your advise. thanks. oh and yes its Windows. so these are Windows problems?
can i use Synfig on Linux? maybe Ubuntu?

i let you found the answer …

thank you. ill check it out on 12.4. hoping for less problems on there. :smiley:

tried it out for a few hours on pangolin and no crash running great.
this should be in there software center.
thanks guys! :smiley: