[SOLVED] Where is "Link opposite" local menu item?

In previous version of Synfig (somwhere about 0.64.3), after selecting two tangents from different splines there were both “Link” and “Link oppisite” items in local menu. Now (version 1.0) there is only “Link” menu item. So I can not link tangents if splines were drawn in different directions - after selecting “Link” item tangent turns on 180 degrees.

How can I link tangents of opposite direction splines? Or where is the “Link opposite” local menu item?

Can you show us an example that doesn’t fit your needs with he current behavior?

Here is step-by-step example.

  1. Create 2 pairs of spots green g1 - blue b1, and yellow y1 - red r1 (sample1). Please note that blue and red spots are created counterclockwise and clockwise respectively;
  2. Link two nearest handles of g1-b1, y1-r1 (sample2);
  3. Try to link two tangets with “Link” menu item g1-b1 and y1-r1 respectively (sample3).

As you can see red spot becames mixed while blue one reamins correct. In previous version I used “Link opposite” local menu items to link tangents and result was same as for blue spot. So I need any means to link y1 and r1 spots to get same visible result as for b1-g1 spots.

Unfortunately I can not upload file to this forum. So I uploaded zipped samples (only 9 kb) to https://cloud.mail.ru/public/2QA9oxgSZbSz/samples.zip. Please download from there.

See sample4 for the solution:
sample4.sifz (3.02 KB)

Explanation (only for yellow/red case the other is similar):

  1. Export yellow vertex (y1)
  2. Convert r1 to Revert tangent
  3. Connect the “reference” subparameter from red to the exported yellow on previous step.
  4. Change the “invert” checkbox according your needs.


Thank you for your answer. But this is just small part of cases.

Most often I split tangents of both handles y1 and r1. And then link handles y1<->r1 together, and then link tangents y1-t1<->r1-t1 together, while y1-t2 and r1-t2 tangents remain unlinked. The only way I knew was to use “Link opposite” menu item for this.

Questions still remain:

  1. How can I reproduce “Link opposite” bahaviour?
  2. Will the “Link opposite” menu item returned in next versions of Synfig?

Can you post an example of that issue to let me solve it on place?

Here is an example (sample5.sifz).

Upper pair of spots g1-b1 are linked as I need: handle points are linked, also are linked upward tangents. Downward tangents are NOT linked and have different direction.

I need the same with lower pair of spots y1 and r1. As one can see handle points are linked. Tangents are split, so I need to link together upward yellow and red tangents. Previously I used “Link opposite” local menu item. Now I don’t know what to do.

So questions still remain:

  1. How can I reproduce former “Link opposite” behaviour?
  2. Will the “Link opposite” menu item returned in next versions of Synfig?

P.S. Again there is problem to upload file to forum. Please download sample form here https://cloud.mail.ru/public/5ZNoiZ6sczhc/sample5.sifz

  1. Select red upper tangent subparameter and convert it to Scale.
  2. It offers two sub parameters: Reference and Scale.
  3. Set Scale to be -1.0
  4. Select Reference sub parameter and export it (rt2). Select it on the Library
  5. Go to Yellow region and select upper tangent sub parameter.
  6. Right click the sub parameter and select connect (to rt2).

sample6.sifz (2.93 KB)

Certainly, this is a feature that should be automatized with a direct action.

Thank you. This is the solution I needed.

But anyway, I’m missing “Link opposite” easy way to do the same…