[SOLVED]Video game Animation

I’m new in using synfig
i created a skeleton then used some pictures and link them to the bone then animate it and now i want to use those bone with diffrent pictures i did this by adding the new picture then moving them to the previous pictures file (for example i dragged a pic like 1.png then a file named 1.png created in layers and the sub layer of it was the picture file and i dragged the 2.png in synfig and moved the sublayer to the 1.png layer) then export them is there any faster way ? like template and or linking or something else ?

Sorry for my bad english . . .

I’m not sure I understand fully. But based on what I think you are asking, here’s what you can do. Keep that synfig file saved and the images inside a folder, whenever you want to switch out the images just duplicate the folder and rename the new images with the names of the ones already in the folder and it will override them. The issue with this is that you would end up with a lot of synfig files if you want to have different images using the same bones. There is theoretically another way that would be beneficial to you and that is to use canvases. You could reuse those same bones on multiple canvases and switch out what needs to be switch out. That way the canvas would act as your library. I should do a tutorial on this but maybe this can give you an idea of what you could do: /

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Ty man it really helped :heart:

Happy I could be of assistance :+1:t5:

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