[solved] tweening of two seperate vector graphics

hey there, quick question:

is it possible with synfig to animate between two completely seperate vector graphics.

eg: I have two ‘key vector graphics’ which are essentially the same object. Can synfig somehow transform the one into the other ?

I worked through a lot of tutorials lateley but couldn’t find anything like this. The reason might be that this is really hard even theoretically

thank you!

Do you mean a morphing between two splines?

probably, thanks

the closest I could find was wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Walk_Cycle

but there I have to manually reposition the splines.

I kind of have the repositioned splines already, but separatelly. And they are not linked or have the same number of points etc.

That king of thing never occur “automagically”. You need to do the job of tweeting. You can increase or reduce the number of visible spline points in a spline making them visible or invisible with the on/off feature.

ok, sounds reasonable.

thanks a lot!