[SOLVED] Synfig character template

Hello everybody,
I’m new here.
I would like to import the synfig character template (by Konstantin Dmitriev) to my Synfig, but I can’t find out any way to do it, Could anybody help please? (I already made the necessary downloads).

And does anybody know about other character template ?

Thanks a lot.

Kind regards


it’s just about opening the right file.
Once you downloaded and extracted the template(s). In the folder characters-master/character-sample.male there should be a file called 00-saha-front.sif, simply open that and you should have the character ready.

As far as I’m aware there are only the two templates available. (The other being in character-sita/00-sita-front.sif)

Have fun.

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Hello Estard,
Thanks for your reply.
Good day.