[solved] Star open visual effect


I’m newbie on Synfig. I would to do a star opening visual effect. I suppose I’ve to fill the photo or the imported draw as color of the star.
How to do that?
Thanks for your support.

Hi Dubis,
you will have to study Group Layers and Masking :slight_smile:
There are several possibilities to create this, here is my proposal:

Create a Star with inner radius of 50 and outer radius of 100 (center 0,0)
Create an Image Layer and add the image (center it correctly too)
Add the Star in a group (for scale and composition)
Now group the Star Group and the Image Layer (for composition)
Star Group is above Image Layer

Select the StarGroup and modify its Blend Method to Alpha Brighten
You should now see only a portion of your image

Ensure the Star Group only is selected
We will now do the animation
Place the cursor at the beginning of the Timeline
In Transformation/Scale, set 0,0
Enter Animation Mode
Move Timeline cursor (for example at 96f)
Now set Transformation/Scale to 350, 350
You are done :slight_smile:

Dubis_Star_Opening.zip (103 KB)

Thank for you useful topic