[solved] Render with ffmpeg

Hello folk!
I have synfigstudio vers.1.0-RC5 installed on Debian testing. I need to render an animation and save it as .avi or .mpg, but when i go in File/Render i don’t have in list “ffmepg”. Why?

How can i add ffmpeg in this list?

Thank’s and sorry for my english :smiley:

Hello Harpo and welcome here.

RC is for release candidate , please install last stable : synfig.org/cms/en/download

do you have ffmpeg (or “similar” like libav ) installed on your system ? I think not, so you should do it : wiki.debian.org/ffmpeg

Yes, i have ffmpeg installed on my system and i have installed Synfigstudio by Debian testing repository.
Now, i followed your advice and i have installed the ver.1.0.2 deb by dpkg. Now, when i do render, i have “ffmpeg” in my list!

Tanks a lot d.j.a.y!

nice for you ! …please can you edit your first post title adding [solved]