[Solved] My problems with Synfig

I have made a video showing my problems.

On my PC, Synfig’s palette is acting strange. I am wondering where I am going wrong. Another problem, when I export animation to image sequence in png format. My browser is not showing png pictures. Why is that? :frowning:


i don’t know know what happened with palette, but i saw when you try to render images you didn’t give a file extension.
Przechwycenie obrazu ekranu_2016-09-30_22-51-39.png
In file name you need to write extension at the end: “life is good-a.png”, it should work.

I discovered problems with palette colours. I just went to Preference and made adjustments with the gamma settings there. It is all fixed.

@Majkel, I followed your suggestion. I am happy to say it worked. Thank you very much. Synfig is 100% now. Thanks.

No problem :wink: