[Solved]imported composition "mask"botltomlayers soft...


When i import a composition, this one make the layers placed down in the stack invisible.
They are well displayed in the canvas (software or cairo), but when i render (preview or final) in software mode they are invisible.
Rendering in cairo (preview or final) produce expected result.

Step to reproduce :

  • Create a composition, save it : object1.sifz.
  • Create another composition and import object1.sifz
  • Add an object to the new composition down to the imported canvas
  • Render or preview in software mode.

Nota : if the object is up to the imported canvas, it is visible.


0.65 Dev - Revision: 20140120 - Branch: master - Revision ID: 85f558

Maybe it is the same bug?
synfig.org/issues/thebuggeni … issues/591

was not the same issue…
but glad to say in more recent revision … (Revision: 20140305 / Branch: master / Revision ID: fc1c95) work has expected !