[Solved] Error "Import rejected value for parameter filename"

Hello, I was working on a project in Synfig and for some reason the character stop showing and just outlines and Bones are showing of it now. I had 4 sound Files that I was adding to my project along with mouth movements and some waves of my character. Soon after I added a 5th sound file I got a warning and it listed my project 10 times in the warning. Also, my character wasn’t showing anymore (just the outline and Bones) . All the work I did is still there; character, bones, keyframes and waypoints. Does anyone know how to fix it?

Hi and welcome here Gabriella :slight_smile:
Which version of Synfig are you using? (1.2.2, 1.3.11…)
Do the files contain non-latin characters?
Did you move your project in a different place? (see Imported images dissapear?)

I’m using version 1.2.2.

The files don’t contain non-latin characters.

I actually moved the folder that the images and sound files (which were in their own folder inside it) were in, into another folder. I read on here that it might be because I moved the folder so I put it back to where it was and the same error messages came up. I thought that Synfig copied the image and then put in in the project, I’m not sure if it just uses the image and notes its location.

Also, my Synfig Project is in a different folder that the one that has the images and another folder inside it that has the sound files.

Do you think that I should keep the Project , The Images, And the Sound Files in the same folder (putting the Images within it in their own folder and also the Sound Files within it in their own folder)?

I’m hoping that the problem can be fixed easily, but if not I’ll have to write a plan of all the steps to take, then I’ll have to note where I put all the keyframes and waypoints and delay for the sound files.

The most simple would be to put everything back like before (folder structure, path) to be able to open the project for modifications.
Or you can do it the hard way:

  • Backup your sifz file (safety first :wink: )
  • Rename the extension from sifz to zip
  • Extract its content, it is a play sif/xml file
  • Open it in a good text editor such as Notepad++ (Free and Open-Source, thanks Don Ho :wink: )
  • Find all the occurences of the paths of your resource files and replace them from full qualified names (c:\path\to\file) to relative path (.\path\to\file) * relative to your project

The error message displays the number of the lines
Good luck :slight_smile:

The folder is back to where it was before does that mean that the file path is the same? Or do I have to open Synfig Studio and insert the correct file path somewhere?

I got the body images except the Switch Group with heads to work and sound Files. I didn’t realize I could specify the file paths because I clicked the folder containing the body, and hands images not the image inside it. So I changed the file paths. My mom wants me to switch to using the laptop so I moved the folders to my flash drive and I’m going to see if it works. Do you know why the Switch group head images won’t show even though I specified all the file paths ?

I got it fixed. Thank you!

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