[SOLVED] Creating a Bline, how to fill the shape?

I followed the Tutorial to create a Bline, erverything goes well, but a colour problem:

When i select a colour to apply to the outlet, the colour can be applied only on the the curve of the outlet, not full of the outlet like the tutorial made. I tried many times, but i can’t find out where the problem comes from. Please see the enclosed screen cupture of my work.

Could anybody here help please? Thanks.

Kind regards!

Hello Ginglebell,

Did you try : right click on your outline layer, then select “make a region”.
Hope this help !


Thanks Julien.
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Welcome here Ginglebell,

Great you solved your issue… a good habit is to update the initial title post, adding [SOLVED] - i did it for you - (by the way, it"s always a good idea to use a more explicit title :wink: )

Thanks d.j.a.y
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Dont feel bad I have using synfig since 2011 and I discover that you can make that like one year ago XD